Shoes That Roar

Who said your walk had to be tame?  Not in these leopard print pumps.  The do all the work for you.  Ummm I wish.  But leopard pumps dress up any outfit ESPECIALLY these jeans.

Long Vests & T-shirts

Keeping it simple is always better.  The weather has FINALLY turned for the better....let's just hope it stays.  T-shirts and vest especially long vest are the simplest way to turn up an outfit especially with a pair of jean.

New Kicks For 2017

I'm a huge fan of working out and an even bigger fan of CrossFit.  Obviously I needed new kicks to 'kick-off' the New Year.  When I was back home in Connecticut my friend and I visited the Reebok Corporate office where my old coach Pete coaches.  Let's just say our credit cards got a workout too at the check out of the Reebok store.  New Nanos anyone? YES!  Nano 6.0 for me.  

Wedges For Days

Every girl can use a little boost.  Ok ok maybe you were blessed with long legs but I was not.  I'm a big fan of wedges especially comfy ones.  And when the price is RIGHT they are mine.