Welcome to my Podcast page. After working in radio for over ten years and EVERYONE telling me to start a Podcast, I decided maybe this time I should do the listening. For those who don’t know me, my name is Deanna Cruz and I am originally from the east coast. I moved out to the west coast in 2015 to host mornings in Seattle at KHTP, Hot 103.7 for two years. Before that I spent 8 years in the Providence market at WWKX, Hot 106 where I also hosted mornings, emceed local events and dabbled a little in TV as a regular entertainment contributor for WPRI-TV's The Rhode Show.  I wanted to create a Podcast where I could speak my mind, interview interesting people that I’ve met along my travels, and have some fun with my closest friends. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.


Wait, Christmas Is Here?
Episode 56

Tech Tom makes it back to the West coast after spending some time away in Colorado with his family. The DCU Crew talks about going through boxes filled with memories and realizing alot needs to be tossed. Do you really need the VCR? Halloween is FINALLY over but are you ready for Christmas. Yeah, skip over Thanksgiving and cue the holiday music. Deanna is ready. Are you?


Spooktacular Cast
Episode 55

Halloween is here and the DCU Crew is ready to get spooky and have tons of skele-fun. Deanna and Cindy spice it up with their scariest haunted experiences. Jeffster thinks is boo-tiful when these ladies take the mic after some wine and chocolates. Eat, drink, and be scary! You're going to have a fang-tastic night after listening to these three because after all Halloween is a real treat.


Girl Talk
Episode 54

What happens when the two guys from the DCU Crew can’t make the taping of the latest episode? The ladies handle it. Grab your White Claw, Boom Chicka Pop Popcorn, and the newest Rom Com and sit in on Girl Talk, an episode for the ladies. Well not really. Fellows you’ll get some insider information when Deanna and Cindy take the mic and talk sex, nudes, piercings and more.


DCU Pu Pu Platter
Episode 53

After 52 consecutive weekly shows, the DCU crew has taken their first week off. That means we did not record a piping hot new show for you this week, but have no fear--we have something very special for your ear! We've compiled some fun clips from our previous year of shows into a little sampler pack, a retrospective, a DCU Pu Pu Platter, if you will. For new listeners, it will be fun introduction to the show. For old listeners, it will be a fun blast from the past. Please enjoy, and we'll see you next week with a brand-spanking new show to kick off our second year of podcasting.


We Did A Thing
Episode 52

The DCU Crew did a thing! And it's called the Deanna Cruz Unfiltered Podcast. The Crew is celebrating one year of uninterrupted weekly episode which add up to, yes you guessed it Episode 52. Unfortunatley Tech Tom could not be present for the recording of this episode due to a family emergency; however Jeffster, Cindy and Deanna discuss what they have learned putting together this passion project and what they should probably edit out the next time around. Thank you for your support and enjoy this celebration.


So You Went On A Date
Episode 51

The DCU Crew is reunited as Nurse Cindy returns to the mic after a visit from her Dad.  Deanna and Tom dive into their dating lives and explain how their experience on Hinge has been both good and bad.  Would they date someone with kids?  And finally someone leaves a pleasant review on this ’Taylor Swift’ of the Podcast world.


You’ve Got A Match
Episode 50

It's pumpkin season and Deanna is convinced she'll find her match this Fall if he shows up with pumpkin glazed Top Pot Doughnuts on their first date. Ok maybe not, but she's still hopeful. Last week both Deanna and Tom joined Hinge. How's their experience been? Have they found their soulmate? The DCU Crew talks about cuffing season. You're clueless too? Well hit 'play'.


Episode 49

What happens when one dating app ain't cutting it? You download another one. Deanna Cruz explains why Coffee Meets Bagel just wasn't her cup of tea and decides to try a different app instead. Will this one make the cut? Bryan, the Hinge Dating App expert, explains why Hinge is far better than any of the dating apps out there. The two dive into what it's like dating in Seattle and Deanna opens up about her first date on CMB. Tech Tom finally gets his feet wet in the dating world as Bryan and Deanna help him set up a dating profile. Ready for some laughs? Hit play.


Trust No One. Swipe Left.
Episode 48

New to the dating world? Don’t try all those dating apps that are out there. Deanna has finally given it a try and the DCU Crew breaks down the good and the bad of each app. New to the app world, try Facebook Dating. Yup, Facebook is also jumping into the world of dating.


Why You’re Not Getting The Second Date
Episode 47

Dude, why didn't he call me? Ever wonder why you didn't get that second date? Maybe you two didn't vibe or maybe you might have done something to tick off your date. How can you guarantee Date #2? You'll have to win them over. Check out what the DCU Crew has to say about definite turn offs on Date #1. And how to ask your date for a second date.


5 Dating Deal Breakers
Episode 46

The DCU Crew tackles how and when to bring up common dating deal breakers.  This episode was inspired by an article written on  Of course it had to be from a dating app.  According to the articles these are 5 Common Dating Deal Breakers:

-  Pets
-  Political Views
-  Kids
-  Food/Diet/Alcohol
-  Religion

And we added Finances well because it is also important.  


Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
Episode 45

Do you have first date rules? Like no sex on the first date? Why is it that most women are frowned upon if they do? The DCU Crew digs into the topic of gender bias when it comes to sex. Why do women still get slut-shamed but men automatically get a pat on the back? Girls just want to have fun....too!


The 5 Love Languages
Episode 44

The DCU Crew takes the test and finds out what is their preferred language of love. Based on the book, "The 5 Love Languages" by Gary Chapman, each member reveals what their love language is. Some are surprised, some not so much. Being in a relationship is hard work, but it's easier when you know how to communicate in your partner's language. Take the test yourself online at and maybe you'll fall in love all over again.


Where’s The Couch?
Episode 43

Summer please don't leave us! The DCU Crew talks warm summer nights in Seattle beginning with SeaFair Sunday, crazy boat parties, and fun in the sun. Tech Tom, Nurse Cindy, and Deanna Cruz discuss the missing couch, relationships, and love languages. What's cute during the dating phase but annoying in a relationship? What's the protocol when you let someone borrow a piece of furniture? After 3 years is it yours? And have you ever hung onto something just to see the person you hooked up with again?


Sliding Into Your DM
Episode 42

The DCU Crew talks some shady business. In this episode they have the happy-go-luck, tail wagging, adorable pooch Duchess as a special guest. They talk everything from shady relationships to running into an ex. Do you say hi? Or do you keep walking? They give advice to one listener, Jimmy From The Block and reveal their 'Little Black Book' of secrets.


Creeper Alert
Episode 41

This episode is the follow up to "Home Safe" and "Lucid Dreams". Have you listened to these episodes? If not, no worries. Deanna Cruz will fill in the blanks. The DCU Crew discusses some creepy things that have happened to them and when to you listen to your gut. This is all happening while Jeffster finishes packing for his grandmother's funeral. Yup....true story.


Deanna Cruz FILTERED
Episode 40

You've seen it all over Instagram and your FB feeds but how accurrate is it? We're talking the Face App's "Old Age" filter. Scary isn't it? That's not all we got for you. The DCU Crew discusses Amazon's Prime Day, Ballard Seafood Fest, Kirkland Uncorked, 2 VERY friendly officers AND Deanna's bloody donation.


Standby On The 4th Of July
Episode 39

Flying standby has its perks but on the 4th of July it's a no-no. Tech Tom, Deanna, and Jeff recap their 4th of July celebrations. One of the DCU Crew members gets stuck in Houston. Can you guess which one? Fireworks, cookouts, and planes is not all they chat about. They talk about the latest craze to hit Netflix, "Stranger Things" as well nostalgia, Big Little Lies, and HBO.


Baby You’re A Firework
Episode 38

"You just gotta ignite the light
And let it shine
Just own the night
Like the Fourth of July"    - Katy Perry

The 4th of July has put a spark in this week's podcast.  The DCU Crew discuss their 4th of July plans, their favorite foods at any cookout, fireworks, best 4th of July celebrations and lots of talk about FOOD. Hopefully they don't make you too hungry.  And if they do well maybe you should try a "Foodie Call".  No not a Booty Call but a FOODIE Call.  Take a listen and Happy 4th!


Lucid Dreams
Episode 37

Dating....not dating? Uber trips that turn into dates. A follow up on the "Home Safe?" Podcast. The DCU Crew just might have the answers you've been looking for. In this episode Deanna describes how an Uber date turned creepy - real quick. Sometimes being 'vanilla' may make or break it. Other times sending the wrong text may end it all. Beware!


11 Weeks Of Bliss
Episode 36

It's here!  Summer officially arrives this week and that means non-stop fun.  The DCU Crew breaks down weekend festivities happening all around Seattle this weekend and beyond.  Check out the Summer Solstice Parade in Fremont, the Greenwood Car Show, SeaFair, Kirkland Uncorked and more.  Tech Tom is finally back on the mic and detailing his trip with his grandfather to New Orleans.  The good, the bad, and the ugly.  Grab a notebook and take notes.  This summer will be one for the books.


Home Safe?
Episode 35

When you drop off a date or a friend, do you wait for them to get into their apartment or house before driving off?  What if they are being picked up by an Uber?  The DCU Crew talk about the right thing to do.  This after Deanna Cruz was left on the corner of a Seattle street at 1am.  What would you do?


Faking It
Episode 34

What would you do if you caught your partner snooping thru your phone? Is it an invasion of privacy?  Have you ever snooped?  What did you find?  The DCU Crew talks about trust in a relationship and how snooping can ruin everything.  Are you single?  Maybe you should try the new app for dog lovers called DIG.  And finally have you ever faked it?  Yes faked an orgasm.  You can be honest, the DCU is a judge free zone. 


Where Is The Love?
Episode 33

The DCU Crew is back at it again.  Deanna Cruz, Nurse Cindy, and Jeffster discuss some tough relationship questions starting with weight.  What would you do if your partner were to gain weight? Would you still be attracted to them?  Would say something?  Would you and have you scheduled time for sex?  What annoys you the most about couples?  Too much PDA??  How long would you wait if your date is running late? Have you ever been told you were 'hunting'?  The Crew explains in this episode of, "Where Is The Love?". 


Sister Badass
Episode 32

Say what you want about CrossFit, but one thing is true - you meet people from all avenues of life.  From heart surgeons, lawyers, nurses, firefighters, moms, radio personalities and a Sister named Mary.  Deanna Cruz sits down for a one-on-one conversation with Sister Mary to talk about her desire and calling to become a Sister, her personal relationship with Jesus, her lifelong vows, and what inspired her to do CrossFit.  She's an inspiration, a true gift to all of us and most importantly a sister - Sister Badass.


Dear DCU Crew
Episode 31

The DCU Crew gets some feedback from listeners.  One listener named Nick needs some advice about a situation with a friend's ex girlfriend.  Does he go on a date with her or does he stay away?  What would you do if you found out your current partner is looking up their ex?  And have you ever had to break up with a friend?  The DCU Crew loves hearing from you.  Please feel free to email us at


Bad Habits
Episode 30

They may seem harmless, but bad habits are hard to break.  Really hard.  The DCU Crew confesses they have many bad habits they'd like to break.  A lot of bad habits.  From procrastination to shopping to binge watching garbage TV.  How can you break these?  And what are the Top 3 Things You need to do to be productive and happy everyday.


You’re Trouble
Episode 29

Have you ever made an assumption about a person's character in the first ten minutes you've met them?  Of course you have.  Everyone does.  Deanna Cruz opens up about her Uber Pool experience and how the Uber driver thought she was trouble.  Ok maybe he was right on that but what else happened in the Uber?  Let's just call this episode....Confessions Of An Uber Driver.


Wrap It Up
Episode 28

What originally started as a conversation about the does and don'ts of dating somehow turned into a condom PSA.  That's right the DCU Crew talks about awkward first dates, what not to do on a date, and pet peeves of dating.  About halfway thru Jeffster confesses he's a giver and Nurse Cindy explains her theory about givers and takers.  Take a listen for a little condom awareness.


Hoppy Easter
Episode 27

Someone is egg-cited for Easter !!  Can you guess who?  The DCU Crew talks about their family traditions when it comes to Easter.  Deanna goes in depth about her Portuguese traditions including Momma Maria’s Sweet Bread.  Jeffster asks about the role of God Parents and Tech Tom loves vinegar.  What a Crew!  Happy Easter to all our peeps.


Between The Sheets
Episode 26

The DCU Crew talks dating and relationships.  Is dating at the gym ever ok?  How do you hit up a past fling without sounding too desperate?  What's the weirdest thing that has happened to you when you were naked and between the sheets?  Come on you know you got a story too.  Listen now and don't forget to hit the follow button.  


Birthday Bash
Episode 25

Deanna Cruz celebrated her birthday all weekend long with friends, drinks, and donuts.  The festivities kicked off on Opening Day for the Mariners who played the Boston Red Sox.  Who could resist?!  The celebration continued with some partying in Portland, OR.  Discovering a new city is always fun especially when it comes to new restaurants, wine tasting, donuts and strippers.  Hey it's Portland so why not!


Baby Put Out My Fire
Episode 24

What works for you when it comes to meeting someone new?  Do you have a clever pick up line or do you just strike up a conversation?  In this episode the DCU Crew talks about what may or may not work for them.  Deanna likes to just give out her email.  Yup it's  Lol.  Give it a listen and this podcast might just set you on FIRE!


Dateless In Seattle
Episode 23

How do you find love in the gloomy city of Seattle.  Does the Seattle Freeze really exist?  Somehow Tech Tom, Jeffster, Cindy and Deanna all found each other but what about the dating scene?  How do you date in a city so techy that no one looks up from their screen.  Does love exist in the greyest city of the Pacific Northwest? Ugh, it's been tough.  Hey are you single?  Than maybe you should give us a listen.


Citizenship Test
Episode 22

A recent study concluded that 60% of American citizens would fail the U.S. Citizenship test.  In this episode we put Jeffster and Nurse Cindy to the test.  Do you think they have a good chance of passing?  We'll find out once Deanna can get them to stop talking about Ben Wa Balls, kegels, pelvic organ prolapse, and other randomness.  After listening take the test yourself and see if you can pass.  Click on the link below.

U.S. Citizenship test practice questions:


You Snooze, You Lose
Episode 21

It's a proven fact that we spend a third of our lives sleeping.  Sleep is essential for your physical and mental health.  It affects your quality of life and wellbeing.  Many people struggle with falling asleep, not getting enough sleep, and yup you guessed it SNORING!  Nurse Cindy is the busiest of the DCU Crew.  She is currently in the nursing program at UW and trying to juggle school, work, and a social life.  Sleeping is not at the top of her list.  Jeffster challenges her to download the 'Sleep Cycle App' to monitor her sleep paterns and quality of sleep.  Does it work?  But more importantly does she snore?  


Relationships 101
Episode 20

Three friends get together and talk RELATIONSHIPS.  Questions like:  How long would you give your significant other to pop the question?  Is it ok if the person you are dating hates your friends?  Would you break up with them or break up with your friends?  When do you start showing your true colors in front of your girlfriend or boyfriend? When can you drop your guard?  The DCU Crew discusses it all in this episode of Relationship 101.


The ‘D’
Episode 19

What happens when two radio personalities find themselves together in the same city?  They drink!  No, no, no.  They record a Podcast.  Deanna Cruz and Jackson worked together in the beginning of their radio careers at WFHN, Fun 107 in Fairhaven, MA.  It was behind the mic that their friendship began and the two have been inseparable since.  Distance might keep them apart but when these two get together it's all smiles and chuckles.  Jeffster joins in for the straight man's perspective while Jackson teases him about the SIZE of THE 'D'.


Episode 18

So. Much. SNOW!  This year has been the snowiest in Seattle in 50 years.  February's total is at 20.2 inches, the seventh snowiest month dating to 1895 and the fourth snowiest since records have been kept at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport.  We've called it Snowpocalypse 2019.  What's the norm?  1.7 inches for the month of February.  Yeah we've definitely surpased it.  The DCU Crew discusses how paralyzing the snow is in the city,  What a nightmare!  They dig it out and thaw it out in this episode of Deanna Cruz Unfiltered.  


Grammy Talk
Episode 17

Before Deanna Cruz, Nurse Cindy, Jeffster and Tech Tom talk everything about The Grammy's they dive in to some of their personal stuff.  Nurse Cindy finally finds out what has been causing her allergic reactions.  Deanna goes off about the INCHES of snow on the East coast vs. the West.  Jeffster discusses the crippling effects of the snow with the Seattle shut down.  And how can we forget the Patriots?!! The DCU Crew will get you prepped for this Sunday's Grammy's.  From who is performing to new artists and their predictions as to who will take home the Record Of The Year.  The 61st Annual Grammy Awards airs Sunday, February 10 on CBS.


Episode 16

Deanna Cruz and Jeffster take the Podcast on the road for the first ever Roadcast. Life gets busy sometimes but with three hours on the road they found a little time to record. The two take a trip to Eastern Washington to the Tri-Cities area. Kennewick, Richland, and Pasco watch out, these two are about to take over the city. Or at least try to. Learn about the Hanford Site, food in the eastern part of the state, and more discussion about what else....donuts!


Donuts & Football
Episode 15

The Pats are going to the BIG GAME!  Now you're either saying f*ck yeah OR shaking your head.  Either way we made it.  In this episode obviously we talk about the best NFL team out there and Deanna Cruz has a confession for you.  We got more on the keto diet + sugar, talks about running marathons, and Deanna's Rewind.  Oh and how could we forget, the DCU Crew reminisces about things from their childhood that kids just wouldn't get these days.


Episode 14

In this episode we talk about the Lifetime docuseries, "Surviving R. Kelly".  Many of us have watched it.  Many of us have our opinions about the allegations against the singer and some of us have stopped listening to his music.  Some radio stations have stopped playing his songs while daily streams of his songs more than double by the end of Lifetime's first broadcast.  Do you still listen to R. Kelly or have you #MutedRKelly too?


Holiday Hangover
Episode 13

The DCU crew is reunited for the first official episode of 2019.  They discuss everything from airline beefs, movies on flights, Jeff's OCD, his packing anxiety AND binge worthy shows.  I mean have you done the #birdboxchallenge yet?  Oh and we can't forget Cindy's near death experience back in Florida.  Grab some donuts (we talk about those too) and enjoy!


Vezzy In The House
Episode 12

Deanna Cruz was the co-host of the Rise And Grind Morning show in Providence, RI from 2011 - 2015 before moving to Seattle.  Her better half Vezzy Parmesan stayed behind another year and the two finally reunited over the holidays.  Vezzy is newly single and ready to mingle!  Deanna rather just find her swole mate at the gym.  Since the end of their show, what have these two been up to and will they ever work together in the future?  Listen to find out.


Poles And Goals
Episode 11

We’re closing out 2018 with goals for the new year and figuring what ‘poles’ we need to explore.  The DCU crew talks about taking the Podcast on the road, broadcasting from Portland, and visiting strip clubs on the way. Get ya dollar bills ready, 2019 here we come!


Episode 10

Hold on for deer life, Christmas is here with the DCU Xmas Episode.  Deanna Cruz is a rebel without a Claus and ready to spread some Christmas cheer alongside Cindy, Jeffster, and Tech Tom.  Listen as they talk about their Christmas traditions from Miami to Kentucky to Portugal and Italy.  Gift giving comes to life with a little Secret Santa.  Did Deanna really give Cindy an 'Elf Help Book'.  You never know when it comes to the DCU Podcast.  Let's all remember to Sleigh All Day!


Mama Wanna WHAT?
Episode 9

The ladies school Jeffster on SPANX and play the first edition of "Mama Wanna What?".  Play along and grab a bottle of Mama Wanna (this round was brought to you by the sweet liquor of St. Croix) or whatever your favorite drink is.  Take a shot every time we dive into some personal questions.  Sip or shoot but just remember to drink responsibly.


Picking Up Post Thanksgiving
Episode 8

Time to pick up the pieces after Thanksgiving.  Can we finally put up the Christmas Tree?  Deanna Cruz, Nurse Cindy, and Jeffster talk everything from leftovers, Friendsgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday and upgrades.  Why is it so difficult to upgrade your iPhone.  Seriously?!!  Apple Support to the rescue.


Let’s Get ELFED Up
Episode 7

Oh deer!  Believe it or not Chrismas is here.  Forget the stress and let Santa Cruz do the rest.  Grab your eggnog or prosec-ho ho while Cindy and Jeff make Deanna say no-no-no.  Yule laugh out loud until Santa comes down or the wine makes you say whoa.  So don't say "bah humbug" quite yet, we'll help you get in the holiday spirit and maybe even inspire you to sing a Christmas carol or two.  What's on your Christmas List?  Oh come on we'll help you get Santa-mental this holiday season.  We're ready to make this a no-so silent night.  Let's get elfed up!


Episode 6

She's a CrossFit Coach, a badass athlete, a loving super mom to two adorable kids, a friend, and a wife to a SWAT officer.  Coach Erin honestly makes it look easy.  How does she do it all?  How does she keep it all together?  But most importantly how does she stay positive knowing her husband is constantly in the line of fire.  If you think it's hard being a law enforcement officer, try being married to one.

Monogamy Or Polyamory?
Episode 5

What does it mean to be in a monogamous relationship versus a polyamorous one?  Would a polyamory relationship work for you?  In this episode Deanna Cruz and Tech Tom talk to Chris who has been a polyamorous for over 16 years.  Chris has been married for 5 years and dating two other people.  Are polyamorous just commitment phobes?  Does polyamory really work especially since we are all jealous by nature?  Or are we?  Chris clears up some misconceptions about polyamory, swingers, sex, and being in an open relationship.

The Keto Diet
Episode 4


The ketogenic diet has increased its popularity significantly this past year.  A matter of fact I'm sure someone you know is trying to drop some pounds with this high fat, low carb, moderate amount of protein diet.  But is it safe and does it work?  Deanna Cruz talks to Nurse Cindy about her first hand experience with the Keto Diet and what results she has seen from it.  Tech Tom contributes to the conversation and the three address some of the misconceptions we may all have about this diet and other popular ones as well.  

Halloween SpookyCast
Episode 3


Hey boo-tiful.  It's the spookiest time of the year so trick or treat yo'self.  In this episode Deanna Cruz has a little fun with Nurse TaTas and Crippled Jeff all while bearing a resting witch face.  They talk about the new trend for this spooktacular season, the most popular costume this year, and Oh MY Gourd - CANDY!  Have a little skele-fun and don't forget if you got it, haunt it.  Happy Haunting Ghoulfriend!

What’s Your Passion?
Episode 2


Deanna Cruz sits down with her friends Nurse Cindy and Tech Tom to discuss how life can sometimes go in a direction you didn't necessarily plan.  The three talk about their passion in life, what makes them tick, and what it means to pursue your dreams.  But when life throws you a curveball do you give up on your passion?  Do you give up on your dreams?  Find out what they have to say.

Past, Present, Future
Episode 1

In this first 'official' episode Deanna Cruz opens up about working over ten years in the radio industry, where she's at now, and where she plans to be in the future.  You'll be surprised how much life has changed for Mz. Cruz after moving to Seattle to pursue her dreams.  She drags along her friends Jeff AKA Jeffster and Tech Tom for the ride.  Ok, ok let's be honest she didn't have to do much convincing.  Jeff and Tom gladly agreed to this adventure.  Take a listen and please leave your comments below.