Deanna Cruz is the sassy host of the Deanna Cruz Unfiltered Podcast. After hosting morning on Seattle's radio station KHTP,  Hot 103.7, Cruz decided she wanted to create a show where she could speak her mind, interview interesting people that have crossed her path and have fun with her closest friends all with a mic on.  

Originally from Hartford, CT Deanna was the one to read the announcements on the PA every morning at her High School. “I never once thought that would be my career,” says the woman who would eventually make her way to Boston University, where she studied Broadcast Journalism.

After continuing her education and working behind the scenes at a television station in Boston, Deanna realized that radio combined two of her favorite things: music and talking. She eventually got her first full time gig in radio in Providence, RI where she landed first in middays, then anchored PM drive before finally becoming the morning host at WWKX, Hot 106. In Providence, Deanna also took to the tube becoming a regular entertainment contributor at WPRI-TV.

So where does fashion and fitness fit in?  Deanna has always loved putting together a mean outfit and dressing up an outfit with the perfect shoe.  But fitness? "I once stole my sister's best friend's I.D. to join a gym when I was only sixteen.  You needed to be eighteen at the time to purchase a membership and well I wanted to workout," says Deanna who has been doing CrossFit for seven years admitting fitness is her second passion. "Working out is my therapy. I'll pass on the Xanax....for now!"