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This Is My CrossFit Story

This Is My CrossFit Story


I’ve always enjoyed working out. Heck, when I was 16 years old I borrowed my sister’s best friend’s ID so I could get a membership at Bally’s Total Fitness. You needed to be 18 at the time, and I really wanted to workout. Mind you, me and the friend looked NOTHING alike. The truth is, working out has always been an outlet for me. I truly believe that if I couldn’t workout I’d be on some sort of anxiety meds.

Fast forward a little over a decade and CrossFit happened. I stubbled upon my ‘box’ driving home from work one day. I had no idea what it was but I was intrigued. I googled CrossFit, found the CrossFit Games and was terrified. Little me could never do any rope climbs or snatches. Good grief these women were Superwomen. Than I thought about it. I wanted in! I wanted to be a able to pull my own weight. I wanted to be able to do pull-ups, handstand pushups, bar muscle ups, ring muscle ups and everything else that looked terrifying and painful. Ok, where do I sign up?

I started CrossFit seven years ago. It’s crazy when I think about it now. Who would’ve thought this little sign on the side of the street would change my life and introduce me to my other family. CrossFit Prowess is where it all started, right in Seekonk, MA. Jason Harrington was and is the owner. He was the only coach at the time and the only one at the noon class that day. I remember doing burpees, deadlifts, and maybe KBS for my first WOD. Just me and him. But I kept coming back. Day after day. And more people started showing up. I stuck with it. It was the best workout I’ve EVER done. I felt challenged. I felt like every workout kicked my ass. I wanted more.

The cool part about CrossFit is not only the transformation you see right before your eyes but the friendships you make throughout the years. The connection you make with someone when they see you at your worst is everlasting. I say the worst because I unlike many Instagram fitness models, look nothing short than a wet rat with veins popping out from every corner of my forehead after a WOD. So yes, if you like me after a WOD we are BFF’s FOREVER!

Let’s talk about that transformation for a second. Have I always been active? Yes. Have I ever played any sports. Absolutely not. Do I enjoy a good sweet session. Yes. My background was limited when it came to CrossFit. I had run two marathons, a bunch of half marathons and will still say that CrossFit makes me sweet like no other workout. Remember that challenging part? I love it. I was not only challenging my body physically but also mentally. Every workout was different. I was sore in places I didn’t even know existed. And as year one went by, I got stronger. I finally got my first pull up. Year two? Even stronger. I saw muscles. I switched my focus a little by year 3 and watched what I ate. Still strong but I just wanted to be leaner. Here’s the thing with any workout - you can put in the work but if you don’t have your nutrition right you won’t see the results you want. And I’ll be honest that happened to me and a few of the other ladies early on in CrossFit. My suggestion? Find a good nutritionist. Figure out what you want out of your body. Do you want to be leaner? Do you want to be stronger? Do you want to eat better so you can kill your workout? These are all things you should take in consideration when you’re considering a new diet. I tried everything from counting calories, to Paleo and it just didn’t work for me. So don’t get frustrated. Stick with it and find the right diet that fits your needs.

When people ask me what sort of workout I do, I obviously say CrossFit. It’s what works for me. I had a job offer out in Seattle and moved from Providence knowing absolutely no one. Again, I was terrified. All I wanted was a Trader Joe’s near by and a good CrossFit box that reminded me of home. I tested out a few places and chose Ballard CrossFit. Or maybe it chose me. Lol. Thanks Kendall! In that first year I was adjusting to Seattle, CrossFit was the only place I felt comfortable. The only place I understood the language that was being spoken. The only place where I could turn my brain off and focus on the present. It’s been 3 years since I joined and I’ve made some awesome friends. I connected with other transplants, made friends with other east coasters and talked about the Patriots with the only other Pats fan at the box, Rachel. Both Jeff and Cindy (my cohosts on my podcast) I met at CrossFit. Fast forward thru a layoff and more anxiety and I’ll say it again CrossFit is the only thing that snaps me back to reality. The only place I go and feel my best when I leave. Are there times when I don’t feel like going. Of course. But I’ve never regretted a workout. That high people talk about when you workout? Ok that some people talk about? Yup that’s me! I would never swap that feeling for anything. Be a badass. You’ve put in the work and you can accomplish anything. And that my friends is what CrossFit means to me.

I Came.  I Cycled.  I Conquered.

I Came. I Cycled. I Conquered.

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