Welcome to my Podcast page. After working in radio for over ten years and EVERYONE telling me to start a Podcast, I decided maybe this time I should do the listening. For those who don’t know me, my name is Deanna Cruz and I am originally from the east coast. I moved out to the west coast in 2015 to host mornings in Seattle at KHTP, Hot 103.7 for two years. Before that I spent 8 years in the Providence market at WWKX, Hot 106 where I also hosted mornings, emceed local events and dabbled a little in TV as a regular entertainment contributor for WPRI-TV's The Rhode Show.  I wanted to create a Podcast where I could speak my mind, interview interesting people that I’ve met along my travels, and have some fun with my closest friends. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.

Monogamy Or Polyamory?
Episode 5

What does it mean to be in a monogamous relationship versus a polyamorous one?  Would a polyamory relationship work for you?  In this episode Deanna Cruz and Tech Tom talk to Chris who has been a polyamorous for over 16 years.  Chris has been married for 5 years and dating two other people.  Are polyamorous just commitment phobes?  Does polyamory really work especially since we are all jealous by nature?  Or are we?  Chris clears up some misconceptions about polyamory, swingers, sex, and being in an open relationship.

The Keto Diet
Episode 4


The ketogenic diet has increased its popularity significantly this past year.  A matter of fact I'm sure someone you know is trying to drop some pounds with this high fat, low carb, moderate amount of protein diet.  But is it safe and does it work?  Deanna Cruz talks to Nurse Cindy about her first hand experience with the Keto Diet and what results she has seen from it.  Tech Tom contributes to the conversation and the three address some of the misconceptions we may all have about this diet and other popular ones as well.  

Halloween SpookyCast
Episode 3


Hey boo-tiful.  It's the spookiest time of the year so trick or treat yo'self.  In this episode Deanna Cruz has a little fun with Nurse TaTas and Crippled Jeff all while bearing a resting witch face.  They talk about the new trend for this spooktacular season, the most popular costume this year, and Oh MY Gourd - CANDY!  Have a little skele-fun and don't forget if you got it, haunt it.  Happy Haunting Ghoulfriend!

What’s Your Passion?
Episode 2


Deanna Cruz sits down with her friends Nurse Cindy and Tech Tom to discuss how life can sometimes go in a direction you didn't necessarily plan.  The three talk about their passion in life, what makes them tick, and what it means to pursue your dreams.  But when life throws you a curveball do you give up on your passion?  Do you give up on your dreams?  Find out what they have to say.

Past, Present, Future
Episode 1

In this first 'official' episode Deanna Cruz opens up about working over ten years in the radio industry, where she's at now, and where she plans to be in the future.  You'll be surprised how much life has changed for Mz. Cruz after moving to Seattle to pursue her dreams.  She drags along her friends Jeff AKA Jeffster and Tech Tom for the ride.  Ok, ok let's be honest she didn't have to do much convincing.  Jeff and Tom gladly agreed to this adventure.  Take a listen and please leave your comments below.